• Digi-Touch -D.D.N.L.C


    Digital Device Network for Lighting Control

    Automated Logic’s Digi-Touch® Network dramatically reduces installation and wiring costs of field input devices, while increasing functionality of lighting switches. The Digi-Touch Network allows addressable Digi-Touch wall switches and Digi-Touch Input Modules to communicate with the LC series of Lighting Control Panels.

  • EIKON Logic Builder

    Universally Understood Graphical Programming

    EIKON-LogicBuilder for WebCTRL is the most advanced graphical programming tool in the industry. With the click of a button, you can build complex control algorithms, diagnose problems, and run real-time or simulated operational data to evaluate the performance of a control sequence. EIKON-LogicBuilder makes it easy to understand control sequences as it does not use cryptic “line by line”

  • Equipment P.P.G

    Powerful Gateway

    Automated Logic’s Equipment Portal (EQ-PRTL) sets a new standard for integrating other manufacturers’ equipment into WebCTRL®. EQ-PRTL is a powerful gateway to a single piece of equipment /device using proprietary or open protocols such as Modbus and LonWorks. Support for BACnet® over ARCNET 156 kbps and MS/TP communications are standard.

  • Introduction.B.M.S


    A BMS is most common in a large building. Its core function is to manage the environment within the building and may control temperature, carbon dioxide levels and humidity within a building. As a core function in most BMS systems, it controls heating and cooling, manages the systems that distribute this air throughout the building (for example by operating fans or opening/closing dampers), and then locally controls the mixture of heating and cooling to achieve the desired room temperature. A secondary function sometimes is to monitor the level of human-generated CO2, mixing in outside air with waste air to increase the amount of oxygen while also minimising heat/cooling losses.

  • LC08 – P.M.b.L.C.P

    Powerful Microprocessor-Based Lighting Control Panel

    Automated Logic’s Lighting Control LC08 panel brings the power and simplicity of WebCTRL® to your building’s lighting systems. The LC08 utilizes an advanced microprocessor to provide superior lighting control, while delivering the rapid response required by lighting applications

  • LC16,LC32,LC48,LC64 -P.M.B.L.P

    Powerful Microprocessor-Based Lighting Control Panels

    Automated Logic’s Lighting Control (LC) line brings the power and simplicity of WebCTRL® to your building’s lighting systems. The LC line utilizes advanced microprocessors to provide superior lighting control, while delivering the rapid response required by lighting applications.

  • LGR

    High Speed Ethernet Router

    The LGR is an extremely powerful, high-speed device router that can connect hundreds of control modules to a BACnet/IP backbone. Support for BACnet/IP, BACnet over Ethernet, ARCNET 156kbps, MS/TP, and BACnet PTP communications are standard. Optional protocol translator packages and a wide range of communication ports allow the LGR to also serve as a gateway to a wide range of open and proprietary networks. Fully programmable, the LGR can also execute complex control strategies for high level system integration.

  • M Line – M.E.A.C.

    Multi-Equipment Application Controllers

    M Line controllers are ideal for multi-equipment applications in commercial environments. These robust standalone controllers utilize native BACnet communications over a high-speed ARCNET 156 kbps network to ensure superior performance.

  • ME 812U L.P.M.E.C

    Powerful Multi-Equipment Controllers

    The ME812U controllers have the speed, power, memory, and I/O flexibility to handle the most demanding control applications in the industry. Capable of controlling multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, this robust BACnet controller can support complex control strategies with plenty of memory for trends, and is capable of third party integration using other communication protocols.