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Power Generation Solutions

From Residential Standby to Commercial Prime Units we have a solution for you. Call us today for a free assessment and consultation.


Building Management Systems

We offer a turnkey solution to those clients who wish to either retrofit their existing building or install a Building Management System from inception. Our Systems will monitor and control your lighting, HVAC and ancillary systems with efficiency and energy savings being the key purpose.


Design and Consulting

We offer design and consulting  for electrical and HVAC systems.


Complete Service and Maintenance Coverage

We offer full maintenance package for all types of Power generation systems.


Extended Range of Stocked Parts

Our comprehensive range of spare parts sets us apart from the rest. Call us today for a quote.

24 Hour On Call Response

24 Hour On Call Response

We are always 24hours on Cal. Whether you are a homeowner or the Manager of a DATA center, rest assured that you can count on us. Call us anytime!


Fuel Tanks and Fuel Transfer Systems

We offer Single wall and UL Listed double wall tanks. Let us take care of your fuel needs with one of our fuel systems including installation and warranty.


Exhaust Systems

We can design and install exhaust systems to meet the most stringent of EPA, NR or EPD regulations.


Leak detection Systems

Water leaks from utility mains or leaking building envelopes can cause millions in business losses. Let us install one of our world leading leak detection systems to safeguard your investment. Our systems will detect leaks, shut off main water supplies and also notify response teams automatically.


Load Bank Testing

Energy Audits and Energy Management Solutions

Energy Audits and Energy Management Solutions

We offer comprehensive Energy audits for both residential and commercial properties.


Thermal Imaging for Preventative Maintenance

We pride ourselves with being the first Level 2 Certified Thermal Imaging Contractor on island. This emerging and trusted technology will predict faulty electrical, mechanical and plumbing equipment . Call us today for a demo.


Tenant Energy & Water Metering Solutions

Do you have a multi-tenanted complex? We have the right solution for you. Our digital revenue grade electrical and water meters are easy to operate and no hassle when billing your clients.


Power Quality Analysis

Do you have electrical issues; Breaker tripping or equipment malfunctioning? With our range of power quality metering equipment and extensive experience we can solve the problem for you.


Load Profiling

Need a Power generation system such as a generator or solar system sized for your facility. We can help!


Ground Testing

We offer annual ground testing of your system ground, from residential to telecoms.