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600 ATS


The 600 Amp 3-Pole ATS type Modularized Automatic Transfer Switch. The Standard ATS package includes The Standard ATS package includes ATS-01 (programmable ATS controller), TSP-02 (ATS Transformer Module), BTS (Basic Transfer Switch), all the connection harness, Lugs and indoor/outdoor enclosure. Features:

  • Extraordinary Modularized ATS Design
  • Superior Serviceability & Simple Maintenance
  • ATS-01 Intelligent Controller — Voltage Monitoring & Protection with Built-in 168HR Exerciser Timer
  • TSP-02 Voltage Transformer Module — Change Voltage Easily by Plug-In Connectors
  • BTS — Transfer Switch Built with High Short Circuit Breaking Capacity & OCPD*1
  • All Modules Connected by Harness with High Voltage Withstand Plug-In Connectors Sets
  • Complies with IEC60947-6-1 Requirements*2