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EIKON Logic Builder

Universally Understood Graphical Programming

EIKON-LogicBuilder for WebCTRL is the most advanced graphical programming tool in the industry. With the click of a button, you can build complex control algorithms, diagnose problems, and run real-time or simulated operational data to evaluate the performance of a control sequence. EIKON-LogicBuilder makes it easy to understand control sequences as it does not use cryptic “line by line” computer code.

Key Features and Benefits

Intuitive graphical programming tool eliminates the need for complex programming or cryptic computer code.

Powerful library of microblocks (control functions) provide the flexibility to develop simple and complex control sequences.

Universally understood graphic symbols make control algorithms easy to understand.

Flexible simulation mode enables the user to view the control routines before system installation which simplifies development and troubleshooting.

Live Graphic Function Blocks (GFBs) are a valuable troubleshooting tool that allow system performance to be viewed in real time.

Complete integration with WebCTRL workstation software for seamless facility programming.

Instant project documentation captures development process.

An extensive library of sample GFBs provides pre-engineered solutions to many typical HVAC control applications. They can be used as-is, or easily modified in EIKON to meet special requirements.

Complete compatibility and functionality with BACnet®, ASHRAE’s industry standard protocol, for programming BACnet objects.