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Energy Metering for Tenant Billing

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Our Multi-Circuit Monitor power monitoring system provides a convenient solution for monitoring multiple electrical services which share a common voltage source. It also reports diagnostic information such as power factor, volts, amps, and kVAR, over an RS-485 network using the industry standard Modbus® communication protocol. To protect valuable equipment, it has built-in alarm registers for over- and under-voltage, current, and kVA.

The monitoring capabilities and open systems compatibility of the H8238 make it the ideal power monitoring solution for OEM, tenant submetering applications, and load management of power distribution units commonly used in internet data centers. The meter is a UL508 open type device without enclosure.


Tenant submetering

Real-time power monitoring

Activity-based costing

Managing loads

Monitor power parameters from up to 8 services with one device

Save labor and installation costs by monitoring up to eight 3Ø, (or six 3Ø plus neutral current) loads from a single service with common voltage connections

Eliminates the need to install multiple transducers – fewer components to install…saves time and space

Easy connection to up to 24 industry standard five-amp CTs

Modbus communications for efficient data collection

Improve monitoring system efficiencies by accessing 26 data points per circuit, plus alarms, with one RS-485 drop

Daisy chain up to 30 units on a single drop…easy wiring

Field-selectable address, baud rate, parity and wiring connections…simple configuration