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High Density Meters

The AcuRev 2000 Series provides a compact and robust metering solution to multi-tenant submetering/billing and high density metering points applications. The unit performs real-time metering, measures energy consumption, multi-tarif time-of-use (TOU) and monitors power quality for 18 single phase circuits or 6 three phase circuits. The versatility of The AcuRev 2000 series meters are ideal for multi-tenants submetering such as office buildings, apartments, condominiums, shopping malls, data centers and other multiuser environments. Advanced communications options including Modbus via RS485, Modbus via ethernet, I/O, and infrared communications provide for extensive reliable data exchange. The AcuRev 2000 series meters monitors up to 18 circuits/channels/tenants in a single unit. Multiple units can be connected together to meter unlimited number of circuits.


• Metering

• Multi-tarif Time of Use (TOU)

• Data Logging

• Over/Under Limit Alarms

• Input/ Output (I/O)

• Power Quality Analysis

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