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Other Applications

Other applications Apart from the applications already mentioned there are numerous other applications where thermal imaging technology is being used. Flare detection During certain production processes gasses are generated which are burned off in flares. The flames generated can be invisible to the human eye. It is important to be sure that the flare is burning. Otherwise, harmful gasses might enter the atmosphere. Thermal imaging can easily see if the flare is burning or not. A thermal imaging camera can monitor flames that are invisible to the naked eye. Note that the flare is invisible on the visual image. Tank level detection Thermal imaging can also easily be used for tank-level detection. Thanks to emissivity effects or to temperature differences the thermal image clearly shows the level of the liquid. These thermal images clearly show the level of liquids in the storage tanks.       Other applications include:

  • Finding hot spots in welding robots
  • Inspection of aeronautical material
  • Mould inspection
  • Checking temperature distribution in asphalt pavements
  • Inspections in paper mills

Whether you are interested in inspecting electrical installations, mechanical equipment, tank levels, installations with refractory material, pipe-work, flare burners and many, many more, thermal imaging is the perfect tool for all industrial applications. References: Flir Systems