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Pipework Applications

Pipework Thermal imaging also gives valuable information about the condition of pipe, tube and valve insulation. Inspecting the condition of the insulation material surrounding the pipework can be crucial. Heat losses due to failing insulation will show up very clearly in the thermal image, allowing you to quickly repair the lacking insulation and prevent significant energy losses or other damages. Process valves are another good example of pipework related equipment that is often inspected with thermal imaging cameras. Besides leakage detection a thermal imaging camera can also be used to determine whether the valve is opened or closed, even from a distance. Examples of pipework faults that can be detected with thermal imaging are:

  • Leakage in pumps, pipes and valves
  • Insulation breakdowns
  • Pipe blockage

All types of leakage, blocked pipes and faulty insulation will clearly show up in the thermal image. And because a thermal image can quickly give you an overview of an entire installation, there is no need to check each pipe individually. References: Flir Systems