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WebCTRL Powerful and Intuitive Front End For Building Control


Automated Logic has long been known for its intuitive, powerful front-end building control software. In fact, ALC pioneered graphical programming in the industry. With our graphical user interface, users have such features as hierarchical scheduling, thermographic color floor plans, trending, alarm management, and reporting. And withWebCTRL®, our web-based building automation system, all of these features are available through a standard web browser – without any special software or plug-ins.

Time-Lapse Graphics™ is a revolutionary new feature within WebCTRL that allows operators to roll back time, up to a 24-hour slice, and play back hours of real-time data in just minutes. This innovative feature provides a quick, visual indication of any problem areas and gives facility managers a strong diagnostic tool to quickly identify and correct issues that impact energy efficiency and comfort.

Our Environmental Index™ provides a simple and effective solution. Starting with temperature as a key component of comfort, the Environmental Index (EI), expressed as a percentage, reflects how close the zone temperature is to the effective heating and cooling setpoints. Accessed through a browser using WebCTRL, the EI is shown on an easily read analog gauge, using the red segments to indicate poor environments, and graduating to green as conditions improve and the EI begins to approach 100%.

ALC’s EnergyReports™ is a flexible, easy-to-use reporting tool that enables facility managers to produce a wide variety of reports showing a building’s energy consumption. Using color graphs, EnergyReports allows users to compare energy consumption or demand over different periods with simple drop-down menus and calendar control options. This gives facility managers a powerful tool to minimize energy consumption, maximize comfort, and achieve sustainable building operations.

EIKON® – LogicBuilder, the most advanced graphical programming tool in the industry, replaced line-by-line programming with universally understood symbols to construct both standard and custom control algorithms. All of this combines to make the most intuitive, feature-rich, easy-to-use product on the market.