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We offer professional diesel purification Services Island wide. We will also treat your diesel to maintain its quality and increase its shelf life.

This should be done at least once a year for most applications. Instead of dumping old diesel, we can purify it in most cases at less than half the price!


Eliminates all water from the fuel system, thus avoiding time-consuming breakdowns while preventing the formation of damaging sulfuric acid.

Removes all solid particles from the fuel system, including oxides, dirt, rubbish, and all other impurities with a density greater than that of the fuel itself.
Preheats the paraffin contained in all fuel, providing superior lubrication of the entire fuel system including the injector pump, injectors and cylinder walls. (Heater-optional part)


Cleaner fuel will increase fuel economy.
Reduces down time.
Extends the life of the primary filter.
Protects and extends the life of the engine.
No internal or external parts requiring service or replacement.


Increases the operating life of fuel filters.
The major component of fuel filters is paper. Use of an RCI Technologies fuel purifier results in fewer trees being cut each year.
Reduction in landfill due to fewer fuel filter replacements.
Providing fuel that is free of water and suspended particulates is the first step in exhaust emissions control.
Significant improvements in exhaust emissions. Tests on the RCI Technologies fuel purifier show that smoke emissions were reduced by 17.3%, carbon monoxide emissions by 10.4%, and nitrogen oxides by 5.9%.

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